About us


Why Us?

DCAL currently has members from IIMB faculty community and may seek suitable partners from other academic institutions as well as analytics/data companies in India or abroad.

As a leading international business school in India, IIMB has strong linkages with other academic institutions, the corporate sector, NGOs and the government. At any given time, IIMB faculty and students are involved in numerous research projects that use sophisticated analytical tools and techniques.

The data in DCAL provides a strong incentive for leading researchers from academic institutions all over the world to form collaborations with researchers at IIMB.

Collaborators from industry will benefit from the findings and innovative interpretations of data residing within their organizations, offering counter intuitive insights regarding many aspects of business.

DCAL also forms partnerships with firms in service sectors which collect transactional and behavioral data in their operational systems for analysis and insights.

DCAL helps firms to create innovative business solutions in the areas of predictive analytics, operations and supply chain analytics, retail analytics, healthcare analytics, sports analytics and finance analytics.

The Data Centre and Analytics Lab at the Indian Institute of Management Bangalore (DCAL@IIMB) has been set up to support interdisciplinary empirical research using data on primarily Indian and other emerging markets.Our vision is to be India’s most comprehensive research data source and a state of the art Centre of Excellence in Analytics.